AFRICA CENTRE (AIR Residencies):  Africa Centre shortlists artists to residencies all over the world on a yearly basis. “The Artists in Residency (AIR) programme supports artists from Africa who are provocative, innovative, relevant and highly engaged with both social issues and their art forms.”

Bag Factory, Johannesburg

Check the visiting arts programme: The visiting artists’ programme at the Bag Factory allows artists from around the world to spend a period of three months working in a collective of artists’ studios based in downtown Johannesburg. The programme offers you the opportunity to interact with local artists, to expand your network internationally and to experience a climate of cultural diversity. Working at the studios, you will get to know the permanent artists at the Bag Factory, the city of Johannesburg and something about the art world in South Africa.


Deveron Arts, Scotland

Deveron Arts is a contemporary arts organisation based in Huntly, Scotland, a market town in the north east of Scotland with a population of 4,500. Deveron Arts work with the history, context and identity of the town, and gives artists form all over the world an opportunity to connect.


Kuona Trust, Nairobi

Kuona Trust, Centre for Visual Art is dedicated to the generation, presentation and promotion of innovative contemporary visual arts practice in Kenya. Its artists’ studios, library, programme of exhibitions, artists’ talks, training & mentoring, education and international exchange, aims to provide opportunities for artists to develop new and experimental contemporary artwork within a context of international current practice.


Mobility Hub

MOBILITY HUB AFRICA is a Virtual Mobility Platform offering information on the Arts and Culture in Africa such as venues (spaces, residencies, training centers…etc.), events (Festivals, Fairs, Biennales, Professional Meetings…etc.), cultural practitioners and their projects, platforms, references, key documents and data related to travel and Mobility within Africa. Check in to see the latest residencies available.


Still from Thami Nyele Foundation’s website


NAFASI Art Space
, Dar es Salaam

Nafasi Art Space is a young cultural centre in Tanzania (2007), set up to improve the visual arts in the country. 15 artists work in 11 studios on a large industrial plot in Dar es Salaam, as painters, designers, illustrators and sculptors. Check website for updates on residencies.


Pro Helvetica

Studio Residencies (3 months) and Research Residencies (4 weeks) in an Arab country, India, China, Southern Africa or, conversely in Switzerland, gives artists the chance to gain a broad insight into a different cultural environments. In addition to a place to work and accommodation, Pro Helvetia will provide a specialist from their field to support them. Pro Helvetia covers the costs of travel, insurance and per diem expenses. A maximum of four applications can be considered per region each year. See each country’s website for more details, deadlines etc.



Studios das weisse haus is a residence and studio program for local and international artists and curators. The main purpose of the program is to offer a place where local and international artists and curators can live and work together, encouraging intercultural exchange and artistic discourse. The programme seek to support artistic practice and create a space where innovative projects can prosper.  Short-term and long-term residencies are offered for international artists and curators providing space to work, live and exhibit.


Thami Mnyele Foundation, The Netherlands

Promotes the exchange of art and culture between Africa and the Netherlands


32º East | Ugandan Arts Trust, Kampala

Based in the capital, Kampala, 32º East aims to provide the arts community with the information, resources and exposure needed to raise the profile of Ugandan Art to a national and international level. 6 studio spaces are available for residency artists, visit the website for info on application and evaluation.


The UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists 
”The Programme offers residencies to young artists (between 25 and 35 years old) worldwide. UNESCO-Aschberg advocates and promotes creativity, highlights cultural exchanges and the need for artists to enrich their experience through contact with other cultures.”