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At Addis Rumble we strive to communicate, promote and facilitate artistic and cultural individuals, projects and communities from the African continent. We aim to spread the word about talented artists, cultural producers, musicians, filmmakers, creative forces, groundbreaking projects, and fascinating creative endeavors. Loads of things are already happening; the ideas, talent, motivations, and visions are great, but during our conversations and rendez-vous with artists, we’ve noticed that African artists often are challenged when it comes to writing proposals, funding projects, finding residencies and connecting to artists and institutions outside their home country. With these new pages we lend a helping hand to artists that are not sure where to look for new opportunities, how to promote themselves, where to seek for that perfect residency and how connect to the African and International art world.

These pages aim to be a vocabulary for funding opportunities, grant seeking, project development, workshops possibilities, residencies and helpful networks as well as it lists relevant institutions, galleries, festivals and events on the continent.

The best way to keep informed about new residencies, deadlines for project proposals or grants and the like is to sign up for newsletters at the websites below. Some websites collects a variety of activities from other institutions and partners, such as e.g. Arterial Network, Triangle Network, VANSA and Mobility Hub Africa. Others simply inform you of their own activities and deadlines. It is recommended to create user profiles at African Creative Network and Mobility Hub Africa, the latter in particularly has a very detailed and thorough database of festivals, artists, events etc. on the continent.

The lists in the dropdown menu for this page is based on experiences, research and tips from artists and professionals. It is not complete, but in constant development. If you are aware of residencies, grants, institutions, festivals etc. that should be represented on the following pages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on and we will add your suggestions.


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