Ethiopia – In and Out


Bedroom in a house in Debre Berhan

We are excited to present photographer Alexia Liakounakou’s new series, In and Out. In the project, Alexia documents interior and exterior spaces of a changing but also timely Ethiopia. The series captures the contrasts between private and public life in a rapidly changing urban Ethiopian environment.

Alexia has since 2010 been a regular visitor to Ethiopia. Here she has explored Addis and its surroundings and documented among other things the incredible Circus Debre Berhan. See her coverage of the circus for Think Africa Press here and more photos of the Debre Berhan artists in our interviews with Vincent Moon and Jacob Kirkegaard.

Read Alexia’s intro to the In and Out project below and visit her tumblr and website to discover more of her work from Congo, West Africa and abroad.



Kitchen area in a house in Debre Berhan


Ethiopia – In and Out

Text and photos by Alexia Liakounakou 

As change is the only constant in life, there’s something undeniably attractive about photographing it, obvious or impalpable as it may be. My visits to Addis Ababa and small towns in its periphery unearthed a drive to capture stills of fast-paced development and a construction boom which constantly remaps living patterns. The outside is a burgeoning, unstoppable force of change.



Living room in a house in Debre Berhan


But what about the inside? Step into a home, and the stillness becomes comforting, relaxed, welcoming. Even in the humblest of houses, warmth gushes out of little decorative details: plastic flowers, an old coffee machine, colorful blankets, religious icons, floral curtains, or newspapers reused as temporary wallpaper. Even in the very center of the capital, small oases of calm dot the landscape. Medhane Alem church, for example, or the track and gardens of Addis Ababa University, provide a certain exotic charm to an otherwise noisy and chaotic surrounding. I am perpetually drawn by lush green spaces wherever I go, especially when they are found in little nooks in the midst of city sprawls.



Bedroom belonging to a young woman, Debre Berhan


In my six intermittent visits to the country, the contrasting powers of change and stillness have been pulling me from both sides. Living in a house on Bole Road, I witnessed the metamorphosis of this main artery very palpably. Before its reconstruction, I sat on the balcony and photographed the people, the cars and the minibuses below. Across me, a lone building of around twelve storeys stood in the midst of a small garden, some trees and the hazy morning dew.

This was in 2010. The next year, the road was punctured and its insides surfaced, dirty and dusty, to take over the landscape. Pipes, steel, water, cement, trucks and construction workers paraded below, and traffic disappeared. A huge roundabout started being formed on the left part of my balcony view. In 2012, new buildings suddenly popped up across me, as if they were built overnight.



Mother and daughter, Debre Berhan


Leaving Addis to visit Debre Berhan, a town also affected by roadworks in 2013, I began photographing ‘insides’ more robustly and entered homes of friends, most of them part of the Circus Debre Berhan troupe, to photograph their homes. The result is this project, In and Out – a personal testament to the contrasting beauties of living between interior and exterior spaces amidst local and global change.



Man on balcony, Addis Ababa

Mar_2014 (3 of 18)

Apartment building on Bole Road, Addis Ababa

Mar_2014 (2 of 18)

Inside Addis Ababa University campus, Addis Ababa

Alexia_L_Ethio (6 of 7)

Bole Road under construction, Addis Ababa


Entrance to Addis Ababa University campus, Addis Ababa


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