X-Privacy by Dawit Abebe



Quite often the galleries at Alliance Ethio-Francaise in Addis Ababa seem too large for the work of only one artist. A number of solo-shows have left the visitor (at least this one) with the feeling that the artist was forced to produce an unrealistic amount of work to fill up the large spaces, and that this unfortunately happened at the expense of quality. However, this is not the case for Ethiopian artist Dawit Abebe’s soloshow, X-Privacy.

Dawit satiates the galleries with a variety of work in different media that guides the visitor through his somewhat melancholic universe. A number of small-scale canvasses frame the view of a stunning wall-size painting in one end of the main gallery. The sidewalls are occupied by large drawings on paper in massive frames, leading up to a large installation in the other end. Two empty beds with TV’s are hung from the ceiling and two of Dawit’s characteristic humans try to hold on to the sheets that connect them with the beds.

From canvasses to paper drawings to installation, Dawit maintains a red line through his exhibition and presents one of the best solo-shows the Alliance has presented this year. The show runs through October 25, so don’t hesitate to stop by!


X-Privacy by Dawit Abebe
October 16-25
Alliance Ethio-Francaise Galleries

All photos courtesy of  Michael Tsegaye. www.michaeltsegaye.com 


About Dawit Abebe: Dawit Abebe graduated from the Addis Ababa University of Fine Arts in 2001. After graduation he and four fellow graduates, Girmachew Getnet, Mathias Lulu, Workneh Bezu and Yosef Lule created Habesha Art Studio, the first of many artists studios to follow. Dawit has had several soloshows in Ethiopia and in the US, and his work is represented at the US Embassy to Ethiopia.











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